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Solo Travel with Rabbies?
Posted by Tatiana on 28/06/2019
Hi all,

I've been on one Rabbies tour in the past, as part of a couple, and now I am trying to do more solo travel. I of course thought of Rabbies. I generally prefer to be independent, but the Rabbies tour we took as a couple was fantastic, and I thought that a Rabbies tour might be a great way to embark on solo international travel.

Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback on taking a Rabbies tour as a solo female? If you have done so, did you find that other tour members were friendly and social with a solo traveller? I know it would depend a lot on the specific people, but I've heard that some tour companies attract people who are open to being sociable with their fellow travellers.

I am specifically considering the 5 day Wales trip, which does overnights in Aberystwyth and Tenby. I'm hoping that each place has pubs or restaurants friendly to solo women, in case I haven't made friends with my fellow travellers.

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Posted By: Emma Larsen on  02/07/2019
I travelled by myself on a 5 days/6 nights Rabbies tour in Scotland and I had a great time. I wasn't the only solo traveller but all the couples were also very friendly and always talked to me. The driver/guide as well.
I'd definitely recommend you to go for it! It's a good way to get around and see stuff while meeting new people and enjoying your own company at the same time!
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Posted By: Tracy on  03/07/2019
I just returned from a 5-day tour as a solo traveler and I had a great time. It was a very small tour but everybody was friendly and we had a lot of fun. I think Rabbie's was a good choice for a solo traveler.
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Posted By: Kathleen Hewson on  09/07/2019
I've had a couple of tours on my own without problems. I have booked another at the end of July. Enjoy your trip
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Posted By: Rochelle Emery-Luckett on  16/10/2019
I also traveled solo for a five-day Scotland Highlands tour. I was one of three solo travelers and I would definitely do it again. Everyone, including our guide, was friendly, accommodating and I felt very much a part of the group.
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Posted By: Janalee on  24/10/2019
I have done six tours with Rabbies as a solo woman and have had nothing but good experiences. The guides and other travelers have all been friendly and welcoming.