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Loved it so much, I moved here
Posted by Lindsey McFarlane on 18/02/2013
Just going through some great pictures from a tour with Jonathan in Sept. Highly entertaining tour guide, even though he didn't wear his kilt...

He did, however, let my friends and I objectify the other Rabbie's tour guides WITH kilts at the rests stops, so that kind of makes up for it.

We all agreed that no one has looked better in a kilt in the history of mankind than really, he does.

Moved to Aberdeen to do a Master's degree, have many beautiful places to re-visit thanks to Rabbie's. Lindsey
Reply to: Loved it so much, I moved here
Posted By: Caroline @ Rabbie's on  04/03/2013
Hi Lindsey
Glad you enjoyed your tour and the great "views!"
We are just wondering if Jamie paid you to write this comment??!! :-)
Reply to: Loved it so much, I moved here
Posted By: Lindsey McFarlane on  12/03/2013
This one was freebie but he'll have to cough up for any more promotional material. Hope things are great with all you guys.