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3 Day Tour Skye - accommodation
Posted by Barbara on 22/06/2013
Hi there!
After my 6th 1 day trip with Rabbie's, I'm very interessted to do a 3 days tour to Skye. Can anybody tell me about your experience about the offered accommodations?
Tahnx a lot
Reply to: 3 Day Tour Skye - accommodation
Posted By: Susan Goodfellow on  01/07/2013
Barbara - if you are a single traveler, like me, you will have a number of options on Skye - hostel, B&B en suite, or hotel. As Rabbies has started making so many trips to Skye, the lodging industry has responded, and there are more and more choices. I've been to Skye on the Outer Hebrides tour, the Iona-Mull-Skye tour, and the Highlands Explorer tour, and have not stayed in the same B&B twice. All of the B&Bs have been lovely and even the one that was furthest from town had the advantage of an accomodating owner that would drive you into town in the evening.