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Looking for tour suggestions
Posted by Susan Goodfellow on 11/08/2013
I put this on the FB site as well, but figure I'll cover both forums. I'm making plans to come to Scotland for Hogmany this year and want to take 1 or 2 one-day tours out of Edinburgh. Looking for suggestions on which ones will provide the best winter scenery, since I have not been to Scotland in winter yet. Also looking for advice from Rabbies staff (or other Scots) on which event to get tickets for - the Concert in the Park or the Ceilidh. Any advice appreciated - thanks!
Reply to: Looking for tour suggestions
Posted By: Caroline @ Rabbie's on  14/08/2013
Hi Sue
Sorry for the delay - I've responded to you on Facebook too.
You can search the forum for photographs by tour - this might help you decide. I am a big fan of the West Highland Lochs and Castles - I think Kilchurn Castle is amazing!
Also being a Fifer I would say our St Andrews Tour - I know you like Lighthouses - the North Carr lightship is docked at Anstruther which is great to see.
For the concert v's ceilidh at New would depend on who is playing at the concert I think. The ceilidh looks good but I have never been.
Hope this is of some help.
See you in December!!
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Posted By: Susan Goodfellow on  15/08/2013
Caroline - thanks for the response and the suggestion - can I sort through photos by date? I did think about the West Loch and Highlands, but now that you've told me about the lighthouse, that might be enough to get me over to St. Andrews and Fife!