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Isle of Arran Adventure!
Posted by Dalziel on 14/08/2014
I loved the new 3-Day Arran Adventure and recommend that you book a seat this month or September.

Culzean Castle

Iíve visited famous castles such as Edinburgh, Stirling, and Eilean Donan. Culzean stands up to the competition both inside and out. Perched on the edge of a sea cliff, itís got a wide range of fascinating objects and captivating paintings that could spark adventures all their own. You can enjoy the breathtaking shore, woodland and meadows with dozens of shining greens, formal gardens and glasshouses, gift shops and book shops, playgrounds, duck ponds, and ice cream. Culzeanís got it all.
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Posted By: Dalziel on  14/08/2014
Casting Off on the Firth of Clyde
With comfort and excitement, the Ardrossan-Brodick ferry brings you to Arran. It offers indoor seating providing good views, but I stayed outside and felt an invigorating rush. Itís a memory thatíll keep me fresh through dreary winter. Looking toward Arran, the isle sparkled like a fairyland. This was the closest I could get to seeing all Scotland in one glance. Arran is called Scotland in miniature. It was easy to understand why as I gazed at northern misty mountains in the north and southern shimmering lowlands, with welcoming Brodick in the middle.
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Posted By: Dalziel on  14/08/2014
Arran didnít disappoint thanks to our driver-guide, George, creator of this tour. Going in the blinking of an eye from green lowlands to stark Highland enchantment was as amazing as Iíd hoped! Goat Fell in fog cast a spell. Local ice cream and cheese were delicious. The Holy Isle shining in shimmering sea beneath blue skies was worthy of worship. Live traditional music at Fiddlerís Music Bar & Bistro got everyone singing and rejoicing. On a refreshing walk along the shore and through woodland to Brodick Castle, we explored magical places without worry -- George was there to guide us.