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Isle of skye
Posted by Frankie on 16/08/2014
Hi dear rabbie's,I,as well as my wife want to join your three day trip to Skye island. However, because we come from China, we have two suitcase accompany us through our visit to Britain. so I wonder your mini Mercedes can contain my luggage.
Reply to: Isle of skye
Posted By: Adam@Rabbies on  19/08/2014
Hi Frankie,
Many thanks for your email and for your interest in Rabbie's Tours! I hope we can welcome you and your family on tour with us very soon!
Each passenger can bring one suitcase weighing up to 20kg with them on tour, the dimensions of the suitcase aren't too important, but please do try and keep to 20kg per suitcase.
If you have any other questions please do get back in touch!
Kind regards,