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Arran vs. highland explorer
Posted by MARIA PORTUS on 14/09/2015
Just made reservation for the Arran 3 day trip, but wondering if I made the wrong choice after reading the highland explorer 5 day tour including skype Island, I am a senior in good shape traveling solo. Could you please suggest best itinerary?
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Posted By: Calum - General Manager on  15/09/2015
Hi Maria
Hopefully you'll get some help from previous guests as well but from my point of view both tours are great - but the Isle of Arran tour is more off the usual tourist trail so you will be seeing places not reached by most visitors to Scotland. That makes it quite special.
Hope that helps
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Posted By: Jan May on  19/09/2015
I've just completed 3 Rabbies Scotland tours back to back. Every place was amazing but as an 'ageing' traveller with knees that are getting dodgier, I've decided to see the places I'm less likely to see when I'm older and less mobile. Skye is an easier place to travel later. I'd go to Arran (which wasn't on my tour) so you're off the beaten tourist track. I found Lewis and Harris absolutely stunning.
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Posted By: Lisa Catto on  26/09/2015
Hi Maria,
I did the Arran tour a few weeks ago and it was incredible. I am so glad I made the decision to go. The island is small and you get to go around the whole thing. Arran has both highlands and lowlands so you see dramatically different landscape in a small area. Since it's close to Glasgow and Edinburgh you get more time to make stops whereas the tours that go further north seem to have more time in the bus there and back limiting stops a bit. On the Arran tour we got to visit Culzean Castle and Robert Burns country on the way to the island and Inverary and a few other places on the way home. With this extra time due to proximity there seemed to be more flexibility which allowed our amazing driver to customize some stops for our interests. I don't think you'd be disappointed. It was nice to be the only tour bus around. Felt quite special. Can't wait to return to Arran!