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Isle of Skye hiking options
Posted by Debra on 22/02/2015
My son and I are interested in your Isle of Skye tour. We like to hike and wonder how much hiking we would be able to do on the day we are on Skye. Is there time for 2 hour hike? We like both areas you note for Skye but want to make sure we can get out and hike some, not just see places from view points.
Reply to: Isle of Skye hiking options
Posted By: Calum - General Manager on  23/02/2015
Hi again
There are no long walks on the Isle of Skye tour - we try to fit in lots of different stops so there isn't time for a hike of 2 hours. The hikes at the Quiraing and Neist Point are both about an hour each - both are weather dependent so don't always happen. Other stops are usually a little shorter but we try to be off the bus as much as possible.
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Posted By: Debra on  24/02/2015
Thank you for the reply. It does sound like if weather is good we might be getting out to walk for about an hour at each location you mention. That would work for us too. What we want to avoid is just seeing sights from a car and not getting outside but it sounds like you get out of the car at stops to enjoy the outdoors if weather is agreeable.