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Lodging on Skye trip
Posted by Debra on 24/02/2015
One more question from me...thanks for your patience with my questions : )
Do you book the lodging for us at Portree or do we do that ourself? I am starting to book my lodging for other parts of our trip so I just want to find out if I should book for Portree as well. Thanks again.
Reply to: Lodging on Skye trip
Posted By: Calum - General Manager on  24/02/2015
Hi Debra. No problem about the questions - we want to make sure the tour is right for you! We book most of our guests' accommodation on tour - its usually easier for people that way. However if you want to book your own place that's fine - please just make sure that your accommodation is actually in Portree and within walking distance of the village centre and let us know that is what your doing. Once you have booked, again please let us know where it is so we can give the details to your driver/guide in advance.