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Devon & Cornwall 2017
Posted by Elaine on 23/05/2016
Hello. I just took my first Rabbies tour earlier this month and loved it! It was the one-day trip to St. Andrews with Ewan B. as the guide. He did a fantastic job. I'm already planning my next vacation for 2017 and really want to do the Devon - Cornwall 5 day tour. The March dates are already posted online and this is what I'm interested in.

My questions..
1. Are these dates firm? I know they are posted but still quite a ways out. I will book my flights when prices are right and when I have settled on a tour.

2. Do you get many solo travelers on your tours? On the St. Andrews tour there were none. I don't mind traveling alone but sometimes it's nice if there are other solo travelers. I'm fine either way - just curious.

Reply to: Devon & Cornwall 2017
Posted By: Phil @Rabbies on  24/05/2016
Hi Elaine,
Thanks for letting us know about your one day tour, it's really important to make sure our tours are everything you hoped for and more.
In reply to your questions:
My questions..
1. The dates are firm but to be 100% sure before you book your flight drop us an email at and our lovely sales team will be able to double check for you.
2. We have a selection of every type of traveller and individual travellers are common, having travelled on my own I understand it's nice to have a mixture of people in a group. It sadly does come down to the luck of the draw but it certainly does happen often.
I hope this helps