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Which Scotland Tour ?
Posted by LChris on 24/07/2016
Hello all. Some to the tours sound amazing. We definitely want to take one from Edinburgh. We do not think the tours including Loch Ness would be our style as too much bus time. We love mountain scenery and quaint villages, but also want to see what is representative of Scotland. What are your thoughts?
Reply to: Which Scotland Tour ?
Posted By: Phil @Rabbies on  25/07/2016
Hi there,
It's very hard to say which of the tours would suit someone without knowing them, the one day to Loch Ness is a long day but gives a great taste of Scotland including all of the things you mention.
Our borders tours visit some great places and involve less bus time as you mention but they don't visit the Highlands.
Why not have a look at our TripAdvisior reviews, many of them say the Loch Ness tour was worth the bus time because of all the stops and all the sights involved? Ultimately to see what you would like to see you need to go up into the Highlands.
I hope this helps a little.