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"shopping opportunities"?
Posted by BethC on 17/04/2017

Seriously considering a rabbie's tour. Since a wonderful trip to Cardiff earlier this year, I decided I'd like to see more of Wales and think this would be an excellent way.

A question for those of you who have done a rabbie's tour: Is it only touring, or are there any built-in stops at shops and the like? I ask because I've only done one tour in the past, three days in the Middle East, and I was really put off when I realized that the tour guide was taking us to places (shops and restaurants), where he clearly received financial renumeration for bringing us. It meant that valuable tour time was wasted on shopping. I later found out after talking to a friend who was also a tour guide that this practice was very common. It kind of drove me crazy and I have steered away from tours since then. Traveling solo gives me total control over my choices, but at the same time it can be an inefficient way to travel, particularly outside of cities with public transportation, so I'd like to take my chance on another tour.

Hopefully, rabbie's is free of that kind of stuff? It looks like a good small company and has been recommended to me. Would love to hear from those who have done multi-day tours.

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