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New London tours
Posted by Al Henderson on 27/02/2012
Well...the time has come....

If i have ever had the pleasure to have any of you on one of my tours..." Hi again “if not, my name is Al Henderson, i am the Operations Manager for Rabbie’s in London.

This is a really exciting year, and another milestone for Rabbie’s...Yes, we are starting tours from London......

This week i will be traveling around England, finalising the tours that we will be doing.

Over the next couple of weeks i will be visiting Cirencester, Exeter,Falmouth,Chester and every place of interest in between to make sure that the best experience is guaranteed.

Look out for pictures and stories of my travels on this blog.

If anyone has any questions or would like any further information please email me at


Reply to: New London tours
Posted By: Margie Rankin on  03/06/2012
Al - check out the new posts in the blog re this tour. You may need to rethink the itinerary to ensure there are places open on a Monday for comfort stops. It's a huge drive back from Falmouth to London for the driver. Just an observation. Look forward to hearing your feedback.