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Scottish Highlights
Posted by Lane Macdonald on 16/09/2012
Scottish Highlights

It was an early rise from bed you see,
jet lag and up at three for me.
A small hike up Edinburgh hill,
to meet my team and start the thrill.
A whiskey tour for four days,
it was the start of what would become a haze.
To Islay for a wee drabb and a lesson,
I learnt all about peet and had quite a session.
Being an Australian, Macdonald and new,
I mixed whiskey with coke, the eyebrows raised were quite a few.
Now I make no fight and murmur not a nay,
I have always done what I want, no one will change my way.
my bus tour team made it their mission,
to find me a whiskey, to beat my remission.
At last they found a success you see,
my palette had matured and my team filled with glee.

On the road to Oban i go,
I explored the town so and so.
It was a new group but they welcomed me,
my tour guide Suu wanted to marry thee.
We went to Glencoe, a significant place,
I'm a Macdonald, my heart was a race!
Back to my homeland the Isle of Skye,
a beautiful place, I knew I would get by.
From ferry crossings to a long commute,
the land was natural it was real beaut.
I decided to risk it at the fairy pool,
stripped down to jocks they thought me a fool.
Not a care in the world and so much to see,
an everlasting memory carved out in history.
It was an adventure to see my family's home,
not much different to the farms in Australia we now own.

Another town another bus,
I said my fair wells without much a fuss.
To Orkney Islands on a different tour,
the landscape was amazing it looked real pure.
To ancient tombs and World War posts,
Skara Brae to high cliff coasts.
So much history, so little time,
to not see it all would be a crime.
I can just imagine the Vikings village,
it's here they came to rape and pillage.
A final crossing back to main land,
driving the north west coast along the rock and the sand.
One more day one more site,
the battle of Culloden and all it's might.
It's all done now to return I will try,
however at this moment I must say good bye.
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Posted By: Elizabeth Egan on  30/09/2012
Hello Lane,
I finally found your poem. It was great to meet you and our fellow travellers Tracey and Luisa. Liz and John
Reply to: Scottish Highlights
Posted By: Caroline @ Rabbie's on  02/10/2012
Hi Lane
Your poem is great! Thank you for posting it!