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Excellent tour to see Ireland with very good guide
Posted By Amy Lee on 17/07/2018
Tour: Escape to the West 5 Day Tour of Ireland
  My friend and I joined the Rabbies’ 5 days escape to South West Ireland tour to see that part of the country because we didn’t want to drive in Ireland so this tour was the best way to get a general view of the beautiful countryside of Ireland. We like how this tour included most of the popular sites in the South West Ireland like the Dingle Peninsula and the Ring Of Kerry. We normally are not the type that would join a tour for sightseeing, usually we DIY when we go on holiday in a new place. But this Rabbies tour pkg exceeded our expectations and all our worries about group tour were gone on the first day already when our guide Patrick Foley introduced himself to us. The tour was very well planned, covered most of the places we wanted to see. And the hotels picked by the agent Tour Radar which is a partner with Rabbies tour were very decent accomodations. But most importantly that tour was led and driven by the very charismatic, funny and helpful guide Patrick Foley. I have seen other reviews that gave him high praise too so very happy when we found out he was our tour guide. He was very informative, gave us history and background of many of these places we visited. And he was very funny too, always cracking jokes, taught us how to say a few Irish words and even sang Irish songs in the van to entertain us, so it was never a dull moment sitting in the van for even the longer driving part of the tour. We set off from Dublin on the tour joined by a small group of fellow travellers, in a very spacious van. We like this type of boutique tour offered by Rabbies. We were also lucky that the weather was great, almost too hot which we were told by Patrick it was very unusal this year Ireland has a heat wave going on in July. So although sometimes the van even with aircon on, was a bit stuffy due to the heat wave, Patrick always asked how we were feeling in the van, made sure we could get some breeze and air by opening more windows and the sun roof of the van. He was very attentive to his tour passengers’ needs. Planned plenty of toilet stops for us so someone like me who always need to go to toilet when in a car or in a long distance road trip, did not have to worry about raising my hands for frequent toilet stops which might make other passengers wait for me. But Patrick already planned these toilet stops so well each day, none of us would have to make additional requests for it. Patrick’s professionalism, his humor and story telling skills, his enthusiasm and his personal interest for the care and enjoyment of those with him made the trip very special. He would even explain and apologize graciously when the day we went to see Ring of Kerry, that it would be a very packed schedule and he could only spare us a short length of time at a few photo stops (even though he really has nothing to apologize for, since we understood the tour was desgned to give us a taste of everything in the South West in 5 days which is a lot to cover in such short period of time), but he would make it up by trying his best to let us stay longer at the more important sightseeing spots. So you could tell he genuinely wanted us to enjoy the tour and enjoy Ireland. When dropping us off at our hotel or guest houses, Patrick would also make sure each of us would get checked in ok and only when he saw each of us have managed to get into the hotel or guest houses then he drove off. In the end, it was our guide that made this 5 day Rabbies Tour that much more enjoyable for us. I think Rabbies tour has a good reputation largely because of professional and friendly guides like Patrick Foley working for the tour. I highly recommend anyone who wants to get a taste of South West of Ireland to sign up this 5 days tour, which I was told by Patrick he would usually be working on this particularly tour. ( Make sure you sign up for starting on a Sunday and ends on Thursday too as that is the period he usually drives the tour.)
We enjoy this Rabbies tour so much that we would not hesitate to sign up for another Rabbies tour with professional and friendly guides like Patrick Foley driving the tour.

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South West Ireland
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