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A Marvellous Tour With Ewan
Posted By Brian Harvey on 20/10/2018
Tour: Islay & the Whisky Coast 4 Day Tour
  From October 8-11, 2018 we took a four-day whisky tour from Edinburgh to Islay, provided by Rabbles Trail Burners. We travelled with 14 other tourers in a clean, comfortable, well-appointed Mercedes van. We stayed in Bowmore at the Bowmore Distillery cottages. The cottages were very comfortable, shared with several other members of the tour. In our case, these included four fine gentlemen who enhanced our trip significantly.

The focus of this trip was, as itís name indicated, the whiskies of Islay. We had two days visiting the distilleries on the island. The first day included Bowmore, Kilchoman, and Bruichladdich. Day two took us to Ardbeg, Lagavulin, and Laphroaig. At each distillery, we were greeted and treated very well by the staff there. There was no shortage of tastes to be had.

In addition to the distillery visits, we visited a number of churches, castles, and other sites through the highlands between Edinburgh and Islay. These stops ensured that, even aside from the whisky, we had a wonderful Scottish experience.

What made the tour nothing short of wonderful was our tour guide. Ewan Kenneth McLeod arrived with a physical presence and passion that showed him to be a true advocate for and son of the Highlands. Throughout the tour, he regaled us with history and tales acquainting us with the famous and infamous of Scotland. These presentations were accompanied by excellent and appropriate music that punctuated the information he gave us and the sites he described. At every point during the tour, he made the experience something to be remembered for a lifetime. He even made sure that my wife, who was not always interested in the whisky, had a good time and had something to do while the tastings were in progress.

We highly recommend this tour and especially credit Ewan McLeod with our marvellous experience.
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