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Shakespeare Cotswolds london
Posted By cher wellence Lynne lichtman on 24/10/2018
  My friend Lynne and I had a wonderful tour with John. He was so imformative and had a great time we enjoyed the Cotswold and Downton Abbey set. And I am thankful John helped my friend who wasnt feeling to well. And stayed on the bus a few times visits we made.thistour will always be a very good memories . We took this tour Aug 13 2018 ,. If I ever come over there again, will always take Rabbies tour. Please let John the tour guide know that Lynne passed away last week. We never knew how sick she was and she died of cancer, thank you John for all the help you gave to my friend Lynne see our picture on our membership page to remember us,
Cheryl wellence
Punta Gorda Florida
Replies: Hi Cheryl, how could I forget Lynne and you! Just been informed of your post, was really sorry to hear about Lynne, I could tell she was not in the best of health but no idea of how much she must have been suffering. Typical of her not to let on that she had cancer and not to let it get in the way of both of you enjoying the tour with me. Lynne was a real character and a very determined lady and it was a real pleasure to meet her, as it was to meet you to! The memory of Lynne telling that young German chap that he should wear shoes to breakfast will always linger in my mind! Please accept my condolences with regards Lynne, glad i could offer her and yourself some good times. Many thanks for the great feedback about your tour. Take care John
John Gannon

John Thank you for the condolences. If you see that lady at the church please let her know. The one at Downton Abbey . Lynne was going to help them with donations for their organ. She never got the chance and dont want them to be expecting the donations. She was a giving person and she sure enjoyed your tour. Thanks again for everything and yes I still remember that time she told the kids to put shoes on. He did what she said too. Take care John.Gannon Cheryl wellence
cher wellence Lynne lichtman

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