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Amazing tour with Sharon clanPaddy
Posted By Nicole Eberl on 23/05/2019
Tour: Orkney and the Far North 5 Day Tour
  We had originally booked the Islay Tour with friends. Unfortunately onw of our friends had an accident and couldnt start the tour.

We were very sad and didnt want to go to Islay alone and so I wrote a desperate e-mail to the Rabbis booking team. As always (it was our 5th Rabbies Tour) there was a quick response that our friends would get 90 of the cost refunded and we could be rebooked to another tour. So we landed on Orkney.

It was great, everything was very well organized and despite the bad weather Sharon did everything to make sure we enjoyed the tour. With her humorous, powerful nature and her impressive, broad knowledge she made the tour a wonderful experience.

Once Rabbies - always Rabbies!
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