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Best of Our Two Weeks
Posted By Sue Laabs on 11/06/2019
  We spent two weeks in Scotland and went on two Rabbies tours during that time. First we did the five-day Highland Explorer, which was very good and we did get to see a lot, but it rained much of the time in that part of the country. We didnt let that ruin it for us though. Then we took this lovely tour to the Orkneys and are so glad we did! It was the best part of our trip! First of all, the weather was actually sunny all three days, a very welcome change! We enjoyed seeing so much ancient history there, dating back 5000 years! Just incredible to see dwellings, tombs, stone circles, and then also to learn about WWII history there. The bonus was seeing the high cliffs overlooking beautiful turquoise water crashing against black volcanic rock, with puffins on the ledges if you lay down and carefully look over the edge! Got to see these cliffs in a few different areas, just beautiful, along with sandy beaches on other parts of the island. Kev was a wonderful driver and guide, his enthusiasm was just as great as ours was to see all the amazing places the Orkneys had to offer. The drive up included a stop at a beautiful castle and some quaint villages as well. Definitely worth the time to go up there! Plus you get to enjoy the lovely town of Inverness before and after, a nice change from the larger cities. Easy to take the train there and back to start and end the tour.
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