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Another amazing adventure
Posted By Ninsig on 07/07/2019
Tour: Iona, Mull & the Isle of Skye 5 Day Tour
  Another summer, another multiday tour with Rabbie’s. Because I love Scotland I just keep coming back. I enjoy getting on a Rabbie’s bus, find a nice seat and just relax, look at the scenery and listen to the guide. Since I have done several tours with Rabbie’s before I had been to many of the places we visited on this tour. However, each guide makes the tour unique so you can get so many different experiences. Arron, my guide on this tour, was simply amazing. He figured out what places I had been to before and tried to find places I hadn’t been. He did a great job so I actually got to visit quite a few new places. To have a guide that knows his way to the hidden gems was brilliant. He was very attentive to the passengers, tried his best to find places and views that would suit all. Not all the passengers were able to walk in the terrain but Arron did his best to make them get a good tour. Since Plockton is such a small place he had even prebooked restaurants for the couple of nights we stayed there, making sure that everyone would be able to get a proper meal. He really did everything he could to make sure that each passenger had the best experience possible. He stopped the bus to rescue a little frog he spotted on the road. Others would not even have noticed this tiny animal. If Arron spotted someone in need, he would help. He loves Scotland and seemed to really enjoy having the opportunity to show the passengers the beauty of his country. The stories he told were interesting and funny. I quite enjoyed the one about the headless horseman on Mull and the one about Hamish the giant. Arron is sweet, gentle, funny, attentive, considerate, patient, flexible, sensitive – a man with a heart as big as all outdoors – and an absolutely awesome guide. I’d jump back on the bus with him any day. I’m sure he can make even the dullest place memorable.
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Another amazing adventure
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on 07/07/2019
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