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Posted By Zuzana on 26/07/2019
Tour: Isle of Skye 3 Day Tour
To me personally travelling means traversing not only three dimensional geographic space, but traversing the single dimension of time. Rabbies are doing an excellent job in bringing closer the unique subjective experience of four dimensional continuum into travelers lives.
Dave Fletcher, our friendly, hospitable, welcoming guide whisked us safely through 500 odd miles of Scottish geographic space, introduced us to the most picturesque spots and breath taking views of his homelands landscape. Though not travelling at the speed of light in his “ Rabbies space shuttle” , Dave helped me to pause, reflect upon and slow down a bit more, the flow of my holiday time amassed away from the mundane routine of Londons rat race.
Thanks to Daves engaging storytelling, we travelled back through centuries of Scottish abundant, historical landscape. He introduced us to Highlands cultural heritage, local communities and the centuries of team work, helpfulness and hospitality ingrained into the local cultural landscape as a matter of survival.

Culture of any spacetime reflects ancestral experience gained on that journey through millenia of time dimension passed through that particular territory.

It helps us grasp who we are and where we are going. And at the same time ancient legends of Highland clans act as Memento Morris, a reminder for a modern traveller to never underestimate the dangers of the wilderness and void of Scottish mountains.
I felt that Rabbies tours play a pivotal role in the preservation of unique and varied identities and to fend them from Kelpies of globalisation. To explore different cultures, contribute to local communities, observe, learn and preserve the uniqueness of their experience nowadays becomes more important than ever.
Many thanks Dave, for your help to make me understand how the Scottish universe works on the big and small level. It was a very enriching experience indeed.

Thank You also from Alpana and Riz.
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