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Posted By Belinda Martin on 20/08/2019
Tour: Loch Ness, Glencoe & the Highlands 1 Day Tour
  Scotland is beautiful. Scotland is stunning. Scotland should be seen, and photographed and enjoyed. Sadly, we did not get this experience. We had a 12 hour tour from Edinburgh to Loch Ness back to Edinburgh. It was billed as plenty of opportunity to stop and photograph. Due to road works and rushing to get some passengers to the boat cruise in Loch Ness we were told Sadly we will not be able to stop and do pictures because we are short on time. This was gut wrenching. We spent alot of time, effort, and $ to come to Scotland to enjoy a professional tour but we raced passed sites and barely got a glimpse from a moving vehicle. The few stops we DID make were spent unloading the van of 16 people (taking about 5 minutes) and then a quick 5 minutes to jocky for position to snap a photo or two. VERY DISAPPOINTING. I have written for a refund for this very long 12 hr day. Our tour guide however was very nice and knowledgeable with great Scot humor. Sadly very little photo opportunities.
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