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Iain Farrell - wonderful experience!
Posted By Lance Manuel on 22/05/2020
Tour: Isle of Skye 3 Day Tour
  Okay, apologies that this is written 11 months after our tour to Skye last June!

This tribute or heartfelt thank you note should have been sent last year (2019) in June, when it was my good fortune to have Iain Farrell as my/our tour guide on our few days out to Skye from Glasgow! Mr. Farrell is everything one could ask for in a tour guide! An absolutely super-knowledgeable mind and soul. A deep man, a kind man, a thoughtful man, a sharing-of-wonderful-stories-and-knowledge man! We found ourselves (my wife, 12-year-old daughter, and me) looking forward to each outing and time spent in the bus learning about this fantastic land (Scotland), about the Highlands, geology, biology, and history! Iain is a delightful, funny, and sweet gentleman – a perfect ambassador to share Scottish culture and folklore. He also had wonderful and appropriately selected music for us to listen to at different stages of our tour, which alas was too short (3 days if I recall). An absolute delight was listening to how he prepared us for each of the sights along the way by a sweetly constructed narrative of some historical fact of relevance. I am 59 years old! I have NEVER had a tour guide whom I liked as much and who has made such a positive impression on me as Iain did. My regret: I didn’t let him know this. I meant to write a note at the Rabbie’s site right after I got back to Austin, Texas but never did. Now, in these bizarre covid-19 virus days, I am slowing down and thinking about everything a bit more. And I thought to post this note or ask someone at Rabbie’s to share this with Iain (I’m not any social media platform). I’m guessing that Rabbie’s tours are on hold these days. I hope Iain and all you fine folks at Rabbie’s are hanging in there and will survive these times.

Thank you, Iain. Be well.
– Lexie, Cecilia and Lance from Austin, Texas

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