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Enjoyable, informative tour with Stewart
Posted By GDPR on 18/05/2021
Tour: Loch Ness, Glencoe & the Highlands 1 Day Tour
  I joined this tour on 16th, May with the guide, Stewart. I am very grateful for Rabbis as they arranged the tour regardless of small number of attendees on that day.

Steward was very kind and open-minded to communicate with foreigners and his explanation about Glasgow, lakes and the cities in Scotland was interesting and very informative.

Due to Covid restrictions and limited time schedule, it was hard to make a plan to travel around Scotland but I was very glad that I could visit almost famous places in Scotland and fully enjoyed the great nature.

Taking a Cruise at Lake Ness was unforgettable, it was so nice. This tour is well-organized and recommendable for those who wants to see Scotland in 1 day. Thank you very much for your amazing trip, Stewart!!


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