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Amazing tour with Dom!
Posted By JIA LIN on 19/09/2021
Tour: Isle of Skye 3 Day Tour
  This was my first time traveling with Rabbie’s and first time to Scotland. Before went on this 3-day highland trip with the Rabbie’s, I was quite skeptical about tour trips based on previous experiences in other countries ran by other agencies.
But this one converted me entirely. It was amazing! We were a small group with only 4 people and none of us is a native speaker. Rabbie’s gave us Dom as our guide, whose English is perfect. Listening to him was like listening to BBC which was such a relief and really thoughtful arrangement by Rabbie’s. And the vehicle they provided was very spacious, clean, safe and fast.
We all knew how the weather in Scotland was like at the time of the year. 2 out of 3 days we spent there were raining at times and it was really foggy and damp when it rained. But Dom didn’t let the weather weigh us down. He was able to leverage on his story-telling skill of fairy tales with his soft, calm, a bit cheerful and a bit mysterious tone, to bring the mysterious history of highland to life! And the fairy tales he told with his voice somehow grew on you and it started to feel so much better to tour in rain rather than in sunshine because it fits the island well. He also had an appropriate sense of humour which lit the mood up throughout the whole trip (don’t really know how he managed to be so calm but funny at the same time).
Although the weather was not great, we were blessed to only have rain when we were on the road. Every time Dom stopped at a sightseeing spot, the rain stopped so we got to see the view clearly. His choice of spots was brilliant and really thought out, and his timing was like magic or maybe he arranged that with the fairies128522 But it felt good that we got to see what we came to see, and the island still got the rain it needs.
Apart from being an excellent guide, Dom is also a really experienced driver. Driving in the mountains in a weather like this was tough. And he not only made it look effortless, but also managed to answer all kinds of ridiculous questions we asked and tell stories at the same time. We encountered a lot of amateurish drivers during the trip and it can be irritated but you just can’t detect any negative emotion from Dom’s voice which made us feel safe because the last thing you want is a quick-tempered driver behind the wheel in the weather like that. And the way he drove kind of made us consider to get our own licenses128522 This is how good he is.
Well I couldn’t recommend Rabbies’ and Dom enough to anyone would like to properly travel around Scotland. Dom is a bit of everything that you ask for a good tour guide: knowledgeable, professional, easy to be around, flexible, passionate about Scotland and the isle of Skye (the landscape, the history, the culture and the people) , and also keen to show the beauty of the Highland, and to answer all kinds of questions. With him on board, who needs a good weather? 128522
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