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Highland tour review(not good guide)
Posted By Jay Kang on 08/04/2023
Tour: Loch Ness, Glencoe & the Highlands 1 Day Tour

I booked rabbieís tour because it is most popular tour company for Highland in scotland

I toured yesterday

I really looked forward to tour highland especially Loch Ness Which is take Cruise

weather was nice and I thought everything was gonna be fine

but when we arrive the town for cruise tour, the guide told us we have 50minute to have lunch. but when I check the time, it was 12:24. I had only 36minute. it took 6minute to look for restaurant, 20minute to order and wait a dish, 9minute to eat lunch. After that, I ran to take Cruise. I arrvied on time but missed in front of meÖ

I did as best as I can to take a Cruise. I couldnt finish the food because I didnít have time. I really disappointed thats what I was looking forward to the most taking Cruise in Loch Ness...

after I miss the cruise, I didnít know what to do during 50minute. I canít find guide and his car. after 20minute, I met him and told that I missed the Cruise. but he ignored me, let alone apologized or consoled me. So he made me more disappointed and depressed.

The time to have lunch was not enough. The guide had to tell me what could happen. I just followed what he said and finally missed the cruise.

In short, everything was great except the situation in village about guide and Cruise tour.

Other than that, the guide was soso.

my ticket ref is 114871360. refer to it.
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