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3 day Mull tour and 5 day Orkney tour
 Entry by  JULIE SCOTT  on  08/07/2022
Looking at these tours, just wondering which one to do first if we go in September? ... more >>
 Entry by  SAM PAV  on  07/07/2022
Has anyone gone on any of their new Europe tours?? I cannot find any reviews on them and I am looking for feedback before I book! Thank you ... more >>
Europe tours
 Entry by  EMR619  on  20/03/2022
Hi, has anyone done any of the European tours and can give some feedback? Are they as good as the UK options? Thanks ... more >>
Europe tours
 Entry by  EMR619  on  20/03/2022
Hi, has anyone done any of the European tours and can give some feedback? Are they as good as the UK options? Thanks ... more >>
Europe tours
 Entry by  EMR619  on  20/03/2022
Hello, has anyone done any of the Europe tour options and can offer some feedback? Thanks ... more >>
Europe Tours
 Entry by  EMR619  on  20/03/2022
Hi, I just came across Rabbie's and like so many options they have in the UK and Europe. I wanted to find out if anyone had done any of the Europe trips if they were as good as the UK options. I ... more >>
10 Day tour - Skye, Mull, Orkneys
 Entry by  KATHYB  on  31/08/2021
Is anyone going on the 10 day tour of Scotland and the islands? I am booked to go on 3rd Sept would be nice to contact others coming along. ... more >>
What to wear
 Entry by  SHIRLEY DIMITROPOULOS  on  31/01/2020
Hello, the husband & I will be in Edinburgh for 3 days early July. We will also be taking a 1-Day Outlander Tour. Should we plan on some warm clothes for the tour or are jeans & a sweater sufficient? ... more >>
budget for food costs?
 Entry by  LISA WARNER-CAREY  on  22/01/2020
Hello, I'm looking at traveling with a group of 5 this summer. A 6 day Scotland Tour and a 5 day Ireland tour. I'm trying to work out my budget and am wondering what an expected range for meals ... more >>
 Entry by  DAVIE IMRIE  on  06/01/2020
Hey all I've been looking at Rabbies Tours online for a couple of years now, and have even messaged them with questions about trip(s) that attracted me. Unfortunately due to health problems, I ... more >>
 Entry by  JANETTE C TURBE  on  03/11/2019
I am planning on booking a tour with Rabbies 3 day Scotland and 5 day Ireland. My question is would you recommend booking accommodations myself or rely on Rabbie's making the accommodations? ... more >>
 Entry by  RACHEL HOPKINS  on  25/10/2019
Just back from an amazing 17 day tour with Rabbies around Scotland. Many thanks to the drivers/guides Catty, George, Jodie and Keith - without whom I wouldn't have got to as many places as I did. ... more >>
3-day tour of Skye
 Entry by  RONALD KIRTON-VAUGHAN  on  22/09/2019
from day one, Seana's knowledge was outstanding. I made some new friends and bumped into an old friend who was driving for another touring company. we got fairly fortunate with the weather and I ... more >>
Tour with Rabbie's
 Entry by  ARGYRIS MONOYIOS  on  03/07/2019
I was at Glasgow last week and had three Tours from Rabbie's. Day tours to Highlands with Graham ( hope i write the name correct ) Day tour to Culzean Castle with Alister and Day tour to Stirling ... more >>
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