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    An Unexpected Journey  by  Truman Hatfield   
     I am a 16 year old photographer and cinematographer from LA California visiting Scotland, and here are some photos I captured along the way. (Thanks Dave F. for an amazing trip!)   
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  Associated Forum Post by Truman Hatfield
Subject: Visiting Loch Ness and the adventure to get there. Best part of my trip, five stars.
Ok, to begin, almost everything that was out of our control that could have gone wrong, did. Bad weather, bus problems, but somehow our tour guide Dave Fletcher took us on one of the most amazing adventures ever. He was one of the best storytellers Ive ever met, filling the long ride with crazy tales and bits of history. On top of that, he knew so many little spots and things that most tourists will never see. Dave even went to the length of lending my brother his jacket when we went on a boat on the loch and it was pouring rain. The small things count. It ended up being the best 12 hours of my trip. Take a look at some of the photos I took whilst on this memorable day trip.
Posted 2019-06-26 00:00:00