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    Outlander Tour  by  Marisa Lewis   
     Our tour with Gillian   
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  Associated Forum Post by Marisa Lewis
Subject: Our driver Gillian or Geillis as I love to call her
Oh my she was soooooo knowledgeable. She made us laugh a lot. Such a beautiful soul. I must admit I was a bit disappointed when I found out we have a female tour guide because I wanted a Scotsman in a kilt. But no she didnít disappoint a beautiful soul that loves her job.
I canít say enough good things about the Rabbies staff. We were woken the day after we flew in to Edinburgh form Rabbies tours to say that our tour was starting in 15 mins. Well did I make a mistake with the date? We had been on the go traveling for the past 18 days and perhaps I was jet lagged when I booed the tour but I KNOW it was meant to be for Monday. Yep it was most likely my mistake. So I was so upset not so much they weíd lose the money itís that since we were I. The last few days on our Holiday from Australia that we couldnít fit another payment in our budget. But it was NO problem for the fantastic Rabbies staff they rebooked is with no extra charge for Tuesday. Much love to you all. Oh and I did get to see the Scotsman in a Kilt he was the other driver on the day. What an amazing experience thankyou all. 10084650391008465039

Posted 2019-09-14 00:00:00